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Chart House

October 19, 2015

Chart House: Brunch on the waterfront.


Target: Blackened Prime Rib and Eggs

Side: Salad Bar

Drink: Bloody Mary

Damage to Wallet: Reasonably Pricey (See Below)

On Sunday my wife Colleen and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. To celebrate we decided to go out and have a Sunday Brunch to remember. Oh boy did Chart House deliver.

Before we even get to the food, I made reservations and mentioned it was going to be our anniversary. Chart House gave us a congratulatory card signed by the staff and commemorative menus to take home. It was an incredibly nice gesture and we appreciated it.

Target: Blackened Prime Rib and Eggs

When ordering for a special occasion, I try to remind myself that this is supposed to be a treat, order something fancier than what you would usually get. I don’t usually get to eat like this. Just look at that beast. This might be the best prime rib that I have ever had. It was simple and it was beautiful and I ate it all. It looked like something you would order in Bedrock. Spectacular.

The prime rib came with scrambled eggs and breakfast potatoes. The eggs were fluffy and the potatoes (and I suspect yams) were tasty. They mainly served to prevent me from eating the prime rib whole, but I was impressed with them. 

Side: Salad Bar

Before I consumed the majority of a cow, I was allowed to visit the salad bar. Chart House is known for this and I was excited to indulge. I opted for a ceaser salad as well as a healthy scoop of pasta salad. I threw some croutons and mushrooms on top for safety reasons.

Both salads were exceptional. I had promised myself I wasn’t going to fill up on salad before I saw the prime rib. A twang of guilt hit me when I scraped the last shred of lettuce off my now gleaming plate.

Drink: Bloody Mary

Not a very spicy Bloody Mary but enjoyable. Unlike most drinks of this kind, the last third tasted as good as the first sip. I appreciated that quite a bit.

Damage to Wallet: Reasonably Pricey

This isn’t someplace I can go to every weekend. And that’s fine. It was a great treat. $27 dollars to order off the Brunch menu. First Bloody Mary was $2.50. I’m really glad we went.

Verdict: Absolutley give the Chart House a chance. The food is great, watching the boats drive by is entertaining, and the staff is friendly and helpful.



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  1. Some guy permalink
    October 19, 2015 9:54 am

    Great read. I am always waiting to see an email that Crutons Stuck in Futons has visited a new place and written something about it. One of these days I hope to travel and try some of the wonderful places suggested.
    Also, the wife of the writer is so lucky. She always gets to be a guest of honor.

  2. October 31, 2015 3:36 pm

    Wow that is a huge piece of rib! Happy Anniversary to you and Colleen!

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