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Earl’s Sandwich

October 21, 2013


Earl’s Sandwich

Target: Earl’s Turkey Club
Side: New Orleans Style Gumbo
Drink: Coca Cola in a can
Damage to Wallet: Under $15

Guest of Honor: Colleen

Things I cannot abide; Vibram 5 finger shoes, ‘Club Sandwiches’ that don’t have three slices of bread, and people who keep Ducks inside as pets. Earl’s Sandwich shop can’t help me with the two legged terrors or weird shoes but man can they put together a true Club Sandwich.

Target: Earl’s Turkey Club

This beauty tasted as good as it looked. Fresh roasted turkey and cranberry relish make up the top layer, while lettuce, mayonnaise and bacon adorn the bottom. I ordered this behemoth no tomato. I didn’t miss it. All of this supported by three lightly toasted slices of sourdough bread.

If I have to explain that cranberries and turkey go well together for you, I am sorry. It works as well here as on any Thanksgiving table. The lettuce, mayo and bacon layer added the required depth of flavor and sourdough was the perfect bread for this sandwich. Basically this is a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich on top of an amazing BLT. (Even though I left off the Tomato)

Side: New Orleans Style Gumbo

This homemade soup was excellent. The okra stole the show but the andouille sausage and the turkey kept my inner carnivore satisfied. I would get it again.

I included pictures of Colleen’s fries and grilled cheese. Don’t Panic.

Drink: Coca Cola in a can

It can take rust stains off kitchen floors, and it washed down this meal.

Damage to Wallet: Under $15

Awesome food for the money. And a lot of it.

Final Verdict: This place is awesome. I haven’t seen a sandwich served I wouldn’t eat.






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  1. Barry permalink
    October 21, 2013 10:13 am

    Reading this while exercising before I go to work makes this okay, right?

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