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Five Guys: The Legend of Breakfast

June 29, 2013


Five Guys: The Legend of Breakfast

Target: Bacon Egg and Cheese w/ Mushrooms
Drink: Sprite
Damage to Wallet: Around $8

Guest of Honor: Colleen

Breakfast in an airport is always a little touch and go. It’s usually expensive and often reheated. I was flying out of Reagan Airport in DC this week and stumbled into something that made me take a step back. A Five Guys was serving breakfast. My reality shattered, and if a photo existed of me at that exact moment it would look embarrassingly similar to Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat in the sky.

Five Guys serving breakfast actually makes a lot of sense. Flat top cooking, bacon experience, and they are already accustomed to customers watch them work their magic. Why it takes an airport for this to make sense to the five gentlemen I assume make corporate decisions is above my pay grade.

Target: Bacon Egg and Cheese w/ Mushrooms

Since I was afforded the luxury of watching the cooks make my sandwich I thought I would mention the process. They crack real eggs, yes from a chicken, into little round molds that shape the eggs into a patty on the flat top. From my understanding that’s how McDonald’s does the eggs on the Egg McMuffin.* The Five Guys cooks were doing the bacon on the same surface. They toasted the bun on the cooking surface simultaneously.

The egg met two slices of American cheese bacon and mushrooms on the toasted bun. It was as good as it sounds. Fresh eggs make a huge difference. All of the usual Five Guys topping are available. Next time I might opt for ketchup and hot sauce but regardless I was impressed by just how good this sandwich was.

Some people might frown on the hamburger bun but I actually liked it. They stuck to something they do well instead of going halfway with a crappy bagel.

* You can sub real eggs for free onto any of the red haired clown’s breakfast sandwiches by asking for ’round eggs’. No amount of explanation will make that sensible to me but it does make it so much better.

Drink: Sprite

I usually get Sprite with fast food breakfast sandwiches. I don’t know why. I ignored the advertising suggestion by forgoing the pickup basketball game. I can’t dunk anyways.

Damage to Wallet: Around $8

Expensive anywhere but in an airport. A bargain in the weird airport economy that never seemed to recover from the hyper inflation that plagued the Confederate Dollar.

Final Verdict:

Real Eggs! Free toppings like its going out of style. At an airport. Do it.


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