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March 25, 2013



Target: Bayou Benedict
Drink: Bloody Mary
Damage to Wallet: Around $25

Guest of Honor: Colleen

Colleen and I found ourselves near Chantily, Virgina one morning after she had competed in a 5k. We were hungry outside of our usual breakfast radius, and destined to find the unusually named Eggspectation.

Despite the name, which led me to an expectation of an egg only menu, you could order all kinds of breakfast and brunch fares. Still I decided on something a little outside of my usual comfort zone.

Target: The Bayou Benedict

Shrimp, Sausage, Grilled Chicken, and Poached Eggs piled on top of two Polenta triangles and covered in cheese and New Orleans Sauce. Served with Grilled Potatoes this was certainly a filling way to start the day.

The Polenta triangles were outstanding, especially since I wasn’t very confident in them when I ordered. The Chicken, Sausage and Shrimp all went very well with the dish. The Poached Eggs were cooked better than expected.*

What brought the plate together for me was the Sauce. The cajun spices gave a bit of a kick to the creamy hollandaise substitute. It was a different take on a familiar concept, and one that I immensely enjoyed.

*Don’t think I didn’t consider writing eggspected for way too long.

Drink: Bloody Mary

It wasn’t the spiciest Bloody Mary, but it was tasty and it came out quickly.

Damage to Wallet: Around $25

Verdict: This isn’t a bad deal for Brunch in Northern Virginia. I would go back and order the same thing, which is the highest of compliments.





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