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Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

October 15, 2012


Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

Target: Josh’s Fire Fish
Apps: Pretzel Bites and Loaded Chili Fries
Drink: Ubu Ale
Damage to Wallet: Affordable, see below

Guests of Honor: Colleen, Christine and Tom

On a visit to Lake Placid there are certainly a lot of places to check out. The ‘Miracle on Ice’ Arena is probably one of the most famous sheets of ice in the World. The Ski jumps where US Olympians train to survive jumping off ramps at fatal heights. In the Winter you can ride in a bobsled down a former Olympic Track. The lake itself is absolutely beautiful and completely free of man eating alligators. But this isn’t a travel blog or even a blog that reveals alligator levels in major bodies of water*, let’s talk food.

Lake Placid Pub & Brewery produces an impressive number of high quality beers and manages to be an excellent spot to grab some food. Their menu reads like a comprehensive effort to catalog every appetizer I consider ordering while at restaurants. I had about three entrees picked out before I got to the back page. That’s when I saw the Buffalo Fish and Chips.

There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, my love of Buffalo Sauce, and the Great Pumpkin.

Tom and Christine were also digging the appetizer selection so we ordered a little more food than the average group of four. The average group of four missed out. As usual my girlfriend Colleen, who is my copilot on long drives and part time archery instructor, made a case for pretzels.

*Million Dollar Idea

App: Pub Style Pretzel Nuggets

These little chunks of pretzel were served warm with a choice between nacho cheese and spicy mustard dipping sauce. We opted for two orders so we got one of each. The nacho cheese was like the kind you would find at a ballpark. The mustard was very thick and a little difficult to get to stay on the pretzel.

The pretzels were chewy with a good salt ratio. Everything one could wish for in a pretzel nugget plus nacho cheese.

App: Beef and beer chili with melted cheese fries.

This was one monster appetizer. The chili was excellent, with a nice combination of spicy and savory. The melted cheese on top was almost overflowing and perfectly melted. I would recommend these to any loaded fries enthusiast.

The one thing about this dish that stuck out was that the thick cut fries were sufficiently fried so that they remained crispy despite the toppings. Most loaded fries become soggy as the structural integrity fails way before it is possible to finish. These were exceptional.

Target: Josh’s Fire Fish

Buffalo fish and chips. I had never seen it before, and I have eaten just about everything with buffalo sauce on it; from Burgers to Salads, Hot Dogs to Shrimp. (Those are the X and Y axis endpoints of my mental ‘things you can put Buffalo sauce on’ graph.) So I decided to go for it.

It was really good. It tasted like fried fish pretending to be fried chicken. And the Haddock was mild enough to do a fair impersonation. Not to mention the sauce. This dish was spicy enough that although you could tell you were eating fish, the focus was almost always on the heat emanating from the Buffalo sauce. It smelled spicy. I used the blue cheese dipping sauce to tame the fire a little but was still forced to eat it relatively slowly.

Despite the sauce the fish retained its crispiness from the frier. Overall this was excellent. I wish it was an option for me during Lent while I was growing up. Pretending the fish is chicken really works here, and if a milder sauce was used, I think it could really sell kids on fish.

Drink: Ubu Ale

And English style strong ale that is as red as it is made in house. I enjoyed it.

Damage to Wallet: The Pretzel Nuggets were around $7, the Loaded fries $8, and that big buffalo haddock was $12. For an area that focuses on tourists it was a good deal.

Final Verdict: The food is great, the prices are right, just make sure you go a little early as sometimes there is a backlog for tables. That can happen at the most popular bar in town. Check it out if you are in Lake Placid.



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