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Boli’s Jumbo Slice

April 15, 2012


Boli’s Jumbo Slice

Target: DC Jumbo Slice w/ Pepperoni
Drink: None
Damage to Wallet: Five Dollars and Fifty Cents

Guest of Honor: Colleen

While doing research on the Trenton Tomato Pie here, I was introduced to another kind of pizza that I had never had a chance to partake in, The DC Jumbo Slice. From what I can tell it is a gigantic slice of pizza, usually sold to patrons who have been out on the town for awhile. I immediately wanted to try it.

Boli’s Jumbo Slice in Adams Morgan (Washington DC) is hardly the only place you can try this regional pizza variety. But it came fairly well recommended from the local population, and that was good enough for me.

It is a slightly shady looking restaurant, exactly the kind of place you would expect to do the majority of its sales after midnight. The options for ordering at the counter are hung on a hand written sign; Cheese $5.00 and Pepperoni $5.50. They make a point to mention that the pepperoni is made with beef products only. I paid and they shoved me my slice.

Target: DC Jumbo Slice w/ Pepperoni

First impression was that this thing was enormous. No wonder it is a post bar favorite. It took two plates to support a single slice! Now this pizza didn’t exactly scream gourmet to me, but quantity has a quality all it’s own.

The massive slice was a little tough to eat in the New York fashion that I was used to. (see picture below) But when I looked around I noticed that the other patrons seemed to be tearing off pieces from their slices and eating it in sections. Some groups were sharing a slice like this. The Jumbo Slice is a slice of pizza so large that it almost needs to be sliced again. It reminds me of the question, is the biggest cupcake in the world really just a regular sized cake? Still thinking about that.

The pizza itself was pretty tasty. Super thin crust, almost like a New York style slice but obviously far larger. The crust was a little underdone, although this may be because I came in early compared to their rush time.

The Cheese and Sauce were good but not very remarkable. The pepperonis were very standard beef pepperonis. Overall the pizza was a little greasier than I usually prefer although I feel this is an asset at three am. This pizza isn’t outstanding based on the usual culinary standards but it is excellent at what it is trying to be; a must stop post bar pizza.

Drink: None

Usually the people here have had enough. Gatorade is on the top shelf. These guys are good.

Damage to Wallet: Five Dollars and Fifty Cents

A fair price. I enjoyed my slice quite a bit. You will be full after you finish a slice the size of your head.

Final Verdict: Try it. Go out and have some fun in Our Nations Capitol, then snag yourself a Jumbo Slice before heading home. Depending on your night, you might wake up swearing it’s the best pizza on Earth.



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