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LA Chaca

April 2, 2012


LA Chaca

Target: Cheese Enchilada and Beef Taco small platter
App: Tortilla Soup
Drink: Fountain Pepsi
Damage to Wallet: Around 13 Dollars

I found myself in Midvale, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. I had about an hour for lunch and stumbled across LA Chaca. Now for those of you who don’t Habla Español (like me) I used an online Spanish to English translator to learn LA Chaca means THE Chaca. Mystery solved. It seemed authentic and clean and my other alternative was a place called La Machetes that was filled with some tough looking fellows. LA Chaca was looking perfect.

This is the kind of Mexican Grill thats Menu is primarily in Spanish but I have had some luck in situations like this before and was confident I could make a good effort. I love Tortilla Soup so that was easy, and while I waited for my small soup I went about trying to decide what else to order. When the small soup came, it was enormous and I was forced to order under the small platter options on the fly.

The gentleman taking my order was one of two people that were working on a Sunday but despite limited staff the food came out extremely quickly and was delicious. Service was great despite the language barrier that existed between myself and the restaurant. Tortilla Chips and salsa, along with blended re-fried beans were offered with no charge. Can’t beat that.

App: Tortilla Soup

Now, I ordered the smallest portion available but as you can see in the picture this was enormous. Chicken, Avocados, Tortilla Strips and Authentic Cheeses piled high on top of a delicious broth. The first time I plunged my spoon into it, the soup responded by overflowing onto the serving plate below the bowl. Even before I started, I ordered something far smaller than planned for my meal.

The soup was excellent. All of the distinct tastes blended well together. The chicken made it extremely filling, the tortilla strips added a little crunch, the avocados added a cooling aspect to a slightly spicy broth, and the Mexican Cheese shined. First the cheese was stringy, then it became a wonderful accent to the broths heat. The perfect application of cheese in a soup. Just as I was about finished, Lunch arrived.

Target: Cheese Enchilada and Beef Taco small platter

Now this was also larger than I had anticipated. The Cheese Enchilada was exceptional, the cheese perfectly melted and the red enchilada sauce had just the right amount of kick for my taste. When combined with the beans and rice it was so good I wished I wasn’t already so full. Speaking of the rice it was particularly light and fluffy. I really enjoyed it.

The Taco was fairly standard hard shell, although it was a tasty shell. The beef was flavorful without being greasy. The customary lettuce and cheese were crisp and freshly grated, respectively. Overall, the combo platter was excellent.

Drink: Fountain Pepsi

A great big cup at that.

Damage to Wallet: Around 13 Dollars

A steal for the amount of food put in front of you. I was stuffed.

Final Verdict: This little hole in the wall spot was amazing. If you find yourself hanging around Salt Lake City and get a hankering for some Mexican cuisine, look them up.




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